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The best Transport for Travelling: A Plane or a Car?

A plane or a car? This question bothers thousands of people who are going to the next trip. Of course, it isn’t easy to answer this question as definitely because there are a lot of factors and various details to consider. What’s more, there is a subjective attitude to either planes or cars which always influences the choice of travellers. In this article we are going to describe pros and cons of traveling by car but it is always up to you to make your own choice.

The main argument of the supporters of a trip on your own car is freedom of movement. Especially when it comes to the lucky owners of such powerful cars like BMW X5 or Audi Q7.

You can plan your route based on the user-friendly daily run and the number of attractions you want to visit along the way. You can always stop to have rest and lunch, it is always possible to take photos of picturesque and breath-taking views. You are much more flexible in terms of planning your itinerary and if something goes wrong, you can always change it the way you like. For example, you can book the hotel room or cancel your booking on your way. All you need is access to the Internet, which is practically possible everywhere in the modern world except the most remote places.

Transport for Travelling

The car does not limit the travelers in the number of items they can take with them. If you are used to changing clothes several times a day, you can pack the entire trunk with your shirts and pants and be happy. This is especially true for those who go on a trip in the winter because warm clothes sport equipment as a rule take a lot of space and if you want to take the same baggage on the board of a place, you will have to pay a lot. Plus you don’t have to carry all this extremely heavy stuff by yourself – all you need to do is to get it to your car and then from the car to the hotel room.

There’s also one more indisputable advantage – cost of your trip. Airplane tickets cost an arm and a leg nowadays, especially to remote destinations. With a car you can economize by sharing the fuel expenses.

However, there are also some drawbacks of travelling by car to keep in mind. The fear of emergency situations on the road stops many tourists from taking their cars. When traveling by an organized group the onus to solve different problems during the trip is usually on the tour operator, whereas driving your car you will have to deal with every unexpected problem on your own. Every breakage or God forbid car accident can cause much nuisance to a car owner ranging from being stuck in some backwater waiting for a spare part to tackling numerous legal discrepancies with the local police.

One more thing to take into consideration when choosing a car as a form of transport – this car should be reliable, economical to run and relatively inexpensive. It is not advisable to take your luxurious Porsche Cayenne to a long trip in the mountains because there’s a chance you won’t be able to recognize your car afterwards.