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Splits Air Conditioning System – Why it makes our Life Better

Split air conditioners are being referred as mini air cooling units or ductless units. Split conditioners run on the mechanism of indoor evaporators, which are connected to outdoor condensers. The units are interconnected with small hoses and tubes.

Split enables to cool one part or a specific area in the house at the same time. Moreover, these units also have heating unit attached to it. Therefore, not only it is useful in summer, but also in the winters. Let us check why you must opt for this one over the others.

Splits Air Conditioning System

Noiseless operation

One of the best features of spit air conditioner is that they operate quietly. Unlike other compressors they are of different built and provides conditioning and ventilation silently. The compressor remains outside and usually sit on the sun shed.


When you have split you have various interior options as well along with customized machine features. You can place it according to the interior of your room. Few companies like Samsung also offers customized designs on the frontal cover, you can change the usual white one to an interesting design.

Moreover, you can also place it on your ceiling or on the wall or over the window. Unlike traditional units cooling systems are not dependent on height. These units come with a remote control, which means you can easily use it even if it is out of your reach.

It has got inbuilt auto clean option, where the filter cleans out the basic dust and dirt by itself. Therefore, you don’t have to spend frequently on servicing. Most of the conditioners comes with a sleep regulator.

This means that while you are sleeping the air conditioner recognizes your temperature resistance level and auto turn on and turn offs itself. Not only it gives you peaceful sleep but also reduces the energy expenditure.

Simple installation

Unlike windows, these are very easy to install. This does not take a whole lot of space and the beautification of the interiors are not damaged. The indoor evaporator is connected to the outside condenser. The connector just requires 3 inches hole that will pass he connector through it.

Moreover, it does not matter where you place the air conditioner. The length of the conduit can be altered and made-to-fit for variety of length. When you buy a split air conditioner, you get the installation free. Few companies also offer one-year free servicing.

Cools more than single zone

You might be surprised to know that the split of a split is four times powerful than that of the regular ones. One condenser unit can cool various zones and connected to number of units. Each of the unit has their own pre-installed thermostat.

Therefore, temperature can be easily regulated. This is very useful for both office and home. For example, there are kids in the house the temperature can be little higher than the other rooms.


Nevertheless, a split air conditioner is loaded with benefits and it is costly, but it is worth every penny. Before buying it is advised to get in touch with a professional to understand the features completely.