Quirky Hotels to Spice Up Your Holiday

You go on a trip. You chart out all the fun activities, all the best places to see. But you still come back to sleep in your dull plush hotel room. Add that extra zing to your vacation by choosing a unique hotel. Here’s a list of some interesting hotels that’ll give you the desired kick.

Karosta Prison, Latvia

You like an occasional spanking? Handcuffs fascinate you? This hotel-turned-prison, described as ‘hell on earth’, is the place for you. Once you’ve entered the gates, you are a criminal. You are treated like a prisoner. Physical drills, constant monitoring, hardened jailors. The bedding is uncomfortable and the rooms oppressive, but then you always preferred the dark and sordid. Not many have dared to spend the night here. Those who have have sworn off it. The cast of ‘Ghosthunters International’ declared it as the place with the most paranormal activity on earth.

Quirky Hotels

Sandcastle Hotel, Weymouth, UK

Haven’t we all always loved making sandcastles at the beach? But the castles were always the size of your tiny palm, and couldn’t hold more than a small beach bucket. It’s a childhood memory come alive with this sandcastle hotel where you actually slept inside a sand castle. Imagine sleeping in your own little castle of sand, under the moonlit sky, listening to the sound of waves. And what fun to wake up in the morning to the same soothing sound of the sea. Oh and you don’t mind a loo in the open, do you? It’s just like sleeping on the beach. Sadly, this room lasted only till the next rainstorm.

Engelberg-Titlis Igloo Village, Switzerland

We always saw igloos as these fascinating little places where fairytale characters sought shelter at. You spent a night there while eloping from the palace, and hiding from the king’s men. In this igloo hotel, you can play out your fantasies, childhood or otherwise. Imagine making love on an ice bed. Or taking a sauna bath in an open igloo.

Kolarbyn Eco Lodge, Sweden

Dinner in the cabins: Not as raw as we imagined

Wanna experience living in the woods the old-fashioned way? The Kolarbyn Eco Lodge lets you experience exactly that minus the cold temperatures of Sweden. There are authentic-looking cabins and huts on offer. And they are as natural as it gets. No running water, no electricity. Sit by the fireside and enjoy a simple meal in the heart of the woods. You even get to pick your own firewood. It’s not as difficult as it sounds—you do have access to necessities. And it’s certainly more romantic than it sounds.

Hotel de Glace, Canada

Before we begin to tell you the wonderful place this ice hotel is, let us also tell you that one fine summer this hotel melted and merged into the St. Lawrence River, which is why it is open only in the winters (from January 5th until March 23th, 2014 to be precise). The interiors are as stunning as the white witch’s caste in The Adventures of Narnia. And don’t worry, you won’t freeze to death. There are many ways to turn the heat on.

Thorngrove Manor, Australia

It’s not weird, it’s not strange. But it’s so beautiful, it has to be included in every list of desirable hotels. An old-style manor house in an idyllic countryside setting with a royal flourish – that’s the best of both of the worlds. It promises a dreamy intimate experience, and the guest limit is that of 4 persons max. Dreams are not mass made, after all. With so many more flights to Australia from hundreds of destinations, this incredible hotel is not out of reach.

Palacio de Sal, Bolivia

The salt flats of Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, offer you stunning optical illusions. Tourists compete with themselves giving free reign to their creativity. The accommodation options available to tourists here are no less creative and practical. The one thing in excess in the salt flats is salt. And that’s what has been used to construct this hotel. The rooms, floor, furniture are all made of salt. Huge salt blocks were assembled to create this masterpiece. Don’t worry, it won’t dissolve under the rain. Just try not to sleep naked.