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Copywriting: Everything which you want to know

With the ever-increasing competition in the market, every business owner wants the best, unique and eye-catching content along with the search engine friendliness to represent and promote their business in the digital world.

Copywriting is the art of making the above scenario possible for such clients by providing them with the content written in interesting, interactive and innovative manner.

As a profession, copywriting is an attractive profession but it needs the writer to be a successful promoter and word-moulder.


Copywriting is the creative writing style to advertise and promote the organisations, websites, people or companies through writing the attention-dragging content which is copied all above the web.

With the advent of Internet and continuously increasing demand for the content, copywriting became an engaging profession. If you have the zeal and creativity to make writing careers online or as a regular full-time office job, you should choose copywriting for sure.

Though, many copywriters work for advertising agencies, public relation firms, big brands, companies or institutions but there is a large number of writers who have made their writing careers online by freelancing their skills as a copywriter.

It is among the highly paid jobs in the world and becoming a copywriter is not tough at all if you are capable of engaging people in your writing. You need to be creative and appealing if you want to lead great writing careers online.

How to begin?

If you want to make writing careers online in copywriting, or even want to work as a office-going copywriter, you have to start with showcasing your expertise through a portfolio. The innovation and expertise sells in the content marketplace and have more value than any degree. Start refining your writing skills through blog writing and article writing.

What to prefer, a full time job or freelancing?

For me, the choice is Freelance writing as a copywriter. It will give you the freedom of writing on your terms and timing. The office environment is not always a great place, especially when you need a lot of research, creativity, freshness of mind and perfect mood for giving your best performance.

But if you are looking for a fixed job and working hours and no risks at all, you should opt for the regular job instead of freelance copywriting.

There are some great websites like Contentmart which is an Indian Content Marketplace for online writing and editing jobs, English writing jobs, Hindi writing jobs without asking a single-rupee investment from you. So, it is the best opportunity for you if you want to make writing careers online and looking for free online writing jobs.

Tips to Succeed

  • Keep reading good articles.
  • Practice by writing your own blogs.
  • Research a lot while writing. Strengthen your vocabulary.
  • Be Unique. Learn from others but never copy.
  • Work on your conditions. Pick your price and deadline on your own once you have established yourself in the Content Marketplace.