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A royal relief: even the rich and famous appreciate the need for mobility aids

A visit by Prince Charles to the family run firm of Stanch gave a royal seal of approval to this famous supplier of mobility aids. Patron The Prince visited the company in his role as patron of the Abbeyfield Society and the Almshouses Association. Renowned as stair lift experts, the Hampshire-based firm asked the Prince to press the button on its 500,000th model; a function that the Prince was delighted to carry out. The royal visit highlighted the important work carried out by the stench family and both of the Prince’s charities received stair lifts as a result of this important visit. Independence the Abbeyfield Society was founded in the 1950s following the experiences in London of its founder Richard Car –Gum.

royal relief

At that time, Car Gum volunteered as a home help and was appalled at the loneliness and isolation experienced by many of the elderly whom he visited. As a result, of these experiences, Abbeyfield was born. The charity operates on the premise that every older person deserves dignity and respect and should live in small communal units. The gift from the stench stair lift experts will help Abbeyfield residents continue to maintain their independence.

One of the essential benefits for anyone who lives in an Abbeyfield home is that they can stay in their local community and still enjoy involvement with people who they’ve known for all of their lives. To date, Abbeyfield benefits from the services of 10,000 local volunteers right across the world. The second of Prince Charles’s charities, The Almshouses Association, represents 17,000 almshouse charities across the UK.

Most people are probably familiar with these beautiful old houses that were originally set up to provide care and housing for the community but few of us realize that these historic buildings still play a major part in helping the elderly live a fulfilled and independent life. A quick visit to the charity’s website will reveal the history of these beautiful old buildings and also the terms and conditions for those who wish to live in one of them. In many parts of the country people who have worked in the caring professions during their professional lives but have financial problems are given precedence.

Laughter The visit of Prince Charles to the stanch factory highlighted the importance of the company’s products and also draws attention to the important work carried out by both of these charities for the elderly.

Despite all the uncertainty provoked by the current government’s social care changes, it’s reassuring to discover the valuable work carried out by both Abbeyfield and The Almshouse Association INS airlift experts their bid to assist the elderly as well as the vital place in society for mobility aids that can only promote independent living.