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13 Reasons Why Chennai should be on Your Travel List

Till date vacation has probably meant to you some days into the laps of nature, far from the maddening crowd. Make this holiday special with a trip to the cultural city of Chennai. While the ancient temples of the town take you back in time, the wild waves of Bay of Bengal wash away your stress. Visit Chennai for the following reasons:

1. The Pleasant Weather

Chennai comes with a tropical climate. Just with two months of summer, the weather is fairly pleasant throughout the year. Hence there is no best time to visit Chennai; you can be here anytime you want.

The Pleasant Weather

2. The Rich Culture

Chennai is one of the oldest cities of the country. Be at the Chennai Dance and Music festival, held every year from mid- December to mid- January to explore a different variation of Indian dance and music. The melodious Carnatic music along with solo and group dance performances narrate the colourful mythological stories of India.

The Rich Culture

3. The Movie Craze

It is a completely unique experience to watch Rajnikanth movies at Chennai. Join the crowd as they cheer for their superstar when he is on the screen.

The Movie Craze

4. The Natural Walks

Now if you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, just escape to the sea beach. Let the blue water caresses your feet as you walk hand in hand with your loved ones on the second longest beach of the world, the Marina Beach.

5. The Natural Refreshments

When in Chennai, the fruit juices serve as refreshments instead of cold drinks. The Greams Road beckons the tourists with its super tasty mango juice, milk shakes, ice creams and smoothies.

The Natural Refreshments

6. The Gorgeous Silks

Chennai is a shopper’s paradise. T. Nagar is one of the most happening spots of Chennai with its huge collection of gorgeous silks. Kanjeevarams from Nalli and Pothy’s Kumaran will adorn your cupboard for a long span of time.

The Gorgeous Silks

7. The Crispy Cuisines

Chennai is the best place to taste innumerable types of dosas. Besides this hot and crispy South Indian specialty, tourists can also try out the spicy Chettinad delicacies, lip smacking sea food and Biryani in their South India Tour.

The Crispy Cuisines

8. The Solitary Sea Beaches

If you just want to spend some time with yourself, the Thiruvanmiyur Beach awaits your presence. Watch the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset relaxing over the soft sand of the beach.

The Solitary Sea Beaches

9. The Coffee Conscious

If you love coffee, you will love Chennai. Energize yourself with a sip of the piping hot filter coffee of Chennai.

The Coffee Conscious

10. The Temple Architecture

Mahabalipuram lies in close proximity to Chennai and is known for its ancient temples. Dive deep into the golden history of South Indian architecture or just get dazzled with the intricate carvings and lively sculptures of Mahabalipuram.

The Temple Architecture

11. The Fusion of Faith

Chennai is just not about temples, but is also about churches and mosques. While the temples exhibit Dravidian style of architecture, the churches portray the rich heritage of 500 years while the Big Mosque is magnificent with a blend of Islamic, Indian and Iranian style of architecture.

The Fusion of Faith

12. The Chennai Vibe

If you want to experience the real Chennai, visit the Sowkarpet market. This is one of the oldest wholesale markets of the city. With piles of traditional dress materials, colourful bangles, modern electronic good and lots of chits and chatters, this market is the lifeline of Chennai.

The Chennai Vibe

13. The Floral Fragrance

Chennai is one of those rare cities where you live with flowers. Flowers are the style statement of the ladies of the city. While women of all ages are seen dressing up their long black hair with colourful flowers, these are also the prime component of worship at the temples.

The Floral Fragrance

Hence visit Chennai to witness how a metropolitan city treasures its traditions along with moving in fast pace with the world.